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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 10, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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capitalist. the other story line, rick santorum. if romney wins, he would be the first nonincumbent republican to went new hampshire primary after whipping iowa. brian williams is in new hampshire tonight and will continue our coverage on nightly news, begins in about 30 minutes. local news about 125,000 california school children could be shutof consistenter garthen this fall because of the budget. they are planning on transitional kindergarten but sacramento could be going in a different direction. parents may be in for quite a shock tonight and kris sanchez has more. >> reporter: hi there, january. tonight is the first time for parents in the district to ask questions about that transitional kindergarten. many of them will likely show up with questions about what it means to have a extra grade of kinder garth.what they will be surprised to hear is there is a very good chance their kids will have to wait a whole another year before they can enroll in kindergarten all together. >> good job, everybody. >> reporter: sherry everley has 30 kinder garthers and very high
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expectation. >> i would say it is more like probably first grade when i went to school t is much more academic, much more focused on reading, writing, doing math problems. >> reporter: were the curriculum is hardest for young kids who haven't had preschool and aren't mature enough for a school day. they started with eight 4-year-olds, one who still cries every day. >> at least once, sometimes more than once, he can't do it, it's too hard. and he is really telling the truth. the majority is too hard for him he is just not ready. >> reporter: she says the state's new transitional kinder garnt, extra year of school for children with birthdays between september 2nd and december 2nd could have been just what they needed. the tk funding is on hold and shifting the kindergarten cutoff is not. that means for those kids, no tk and no kindergarten either. >> the students that we were going to put in it. k will no longer be eligible to go to school in the fall which, is, of course, a huge concern
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for us. we would rather have the kids at school than sitting at home without educational opportunities. >> san jose unified has 800 potential tk students, about 125,000 statewide but whatever sacramento states with tk will come at a high cost for local districts. >> putting all my energy to tk knowing i it might go into a filed a never be implemented. i'm frustrated because there are other things also important we could be working on. >> reporter: now, unless something changes, the district will lose the funding for having those additional 800 students in school for the extra year, again, 125,000 students said white. the districts aren't the only ones that stand to lose money. parent does lose money as well, as they hedge their belt, enrolling kids in the local public school but putting down deposits to make sure they have a spot reserve informed day care or preschool in case tk country dom back. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> not just transitional
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kindergarten at risk. counselors and lie prayer yaps could be cut if another $5 billion is slashed from the education budget, the warping from governor brown unless a tax hike passes in november. this sunday on "class action," education experts join anchor jessica aguirre to look at the proposed budget cuts and impact why-to-your child. this sunday moring at 9:30 here on nbc bay area. gruesome details expected into a marin county courtroom for the first time since his arrest last april. prosecutors presented the evidence in their case against accused alphabet killer joseph neigh sew, these pictures are from last year because cameras were barred from today's preliminary hearing. 78-year-old neigh sew is accused of killing four northern california women with matching initials in the 1970s and 1990s. he was arrested last year following a probation violation when a search of his nevada home turned up items which link him to the murders, including a list
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with the victims' names written on t at the end of the hearing, a judge will decide if prosecutors have enough evidence to put neigh sew on trial. after more that a decade, maps to expand bart to san jose are on track and rolling forward. the project cleared the last hurdle when the federal government made a commitment to the kick in $900 million that money will help build a ten-mile line from warm springs in fairmont to san jose. work is he under way with the rebuilding of cato road on the fremont milpitas border. >> the prokt jekt is the first phases of a 16-mile project and first phase of the first ten miles is 2.3 billion project. >> the project is expected to generate 3,000 construction jobs. the vta estimates you should be able to ride bart to the south bay 2016. the next phase includes extending it to deer done in san jose and on to santa clara.
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what happens in vegas does not stay in vegas, not this week t is the world's biggest showcase for high-tech gadgets. the got to have item of tomorrow we see today, the consumer electronics show, the world famous ces. our business and tech reporter scott budman is on the scene in las vegas. and scott, we have been working together for about, what, 14 years now, this is when you get really excited, isn't it? take it away. >> like a candy store for the tech reporters, a lot here, the crowd gets bigger phone this thing, 140,000 people expected to show up here in las vegas for the consumer electronics shock the economy a bit better, americans revamping their love for both technology and convenience. we have seen all sorts of products last 24 hours, among all the tablets and television and cameras, perhaps the biggest crowd was surrounding this, a refrigerator this particular refrigerator is from lg electronics, known for tvs and tablets, this particular model
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comes with technology inside they call the blast chiller. everyone wants to see this as a way to cool your drinks much faster than what you are used to. >> what they have done is there is a mechanism in there that when you put two fan capps in or a bottle of wine or something like that it actually shakes it, almost rocking it. the idea is as it is moving the liquid interply so that the cold, the cold blast is coming in, it is hitting 360 degrees of the liquid moving around internally on the unit. so, able to chill a bottle of wine, a full-sized bottle of wine, room temperature in about eight minutes. >> now, we had to ask, and you're probably thinking this, how does a can or bottle not explode when you open it after that? the folks at lg say they are actually rocking it, not shaking it and while they rock it they blast it with cold air, hence the blast chiller. tonight at 6:00, we are going to take a look at tv sets, they are all over the place here at the consumer electronics show, getting both smarter and cheaper around show you what's on its way to your living room in the months to come.
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for now, reporting live in las vegas, i'm scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> very good, scott, see you with the blast chiller in the newsroom and then again at 6:00. eight and eight, apparently not good enough this season, the raiders fired head coach hugh jackson. we carried the news conference live on nbc bay owner mark davis, sop of the late al davis, introduced the new general manager today who is making some major changes already. reggie mckenzie says the decision to fire jackson was based on performance and a gut feeling. he also wants to choose his up head coach as the organization embarks on a new era to try to win championships. mckenzie could not name his top choices to replace jackson. we will have raiders' reaction and interviews tonight at 6:00. still ahead here at 5:00 -- >> i'm over it. i can't go to jail one more time. i can't be outside in the cold. i just can't do it no more. i just -- i can't. >> rescuing one life in order to save two.
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a south bay mother rewrites the story of her life. we will show you who is helping her. first, a monkey was snatched from the zoo, now another security breach. and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri, the cloud cover did increase with the system offshore, temperatures did manage to stay above average in the south bay 62 right now in san jose, for tonight, clear and cold, dropping down to the 30s, we will talk about patchy frost and also if there's30ny rain prospects in my 7-day forecast coming right up. kimd. her plre wace, would you believa dog? we are back in a moment. ac
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about a week after the monkey was stolen at the san francisco zoo, there has been another case of monkey business. zoo officials say three people were caught trespassing in an unauthorized area sunday morning. zoo says the men jumped a fence to get into the park this follows the new year's eve theft
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of squirrel monkeys, banana sam. zoo officials say the incidents were quite different, they are reviewing security. >> we take everything seriously and we will look at it and see if our response was appropriate and need to take measures with secure i. >> banana sam was recovered shortly after his disappearance. an education overhaul you can the plan for california's community college he is. education leaders have a long list of changes for the state's 112 community college he is. the governing board approved 22 recommendations aimed at improving graduation and transfer fighters the increasingly crowded schools. the plan includes capping the number of classes students can take. >> i don't agree with that i think it is not fair. some people go at their own pace u >> will students be negatively impacted? at this time, we are going to be asked for input, we are going to be asked to provide suggestion
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on how to implement the specifics of those recommendations. >> a lot of local campuses across the bay area will be affected. this plan could reduce free classes for old adoubles, once the map is drawn up, the state legislature will review it. the fiery crash that killed 11 people at the reno air show prompted an investigation launched today by the national transportation safety board. the board is working to improve spectator safety at air shows and races. a vintage plane crashed into the crowd last fall, among the suggestions for safety changes include keeping crowds at a greater distance from the planes and imposing stricter requirements for the pilots who perform at those shows. we have developing news coming in right now, decision 2012. talking about the new hampshire primaries. the first primary in the road to the white house, goes through new hampshire it is official, mitt romney, the massachusetts governor, has won the new hampshire primary, early returns
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show mitt romney getting 36% of the vote followed by ron paul at 24% and palo alto product, john huntsman. the poll results are in and the results from the primaries are in, new hampshire, mitt romney wins new hampshire primaries, >> we will be following this all evening and bring you the latest at 6:00. let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> the freezing mark for napa and sonoma, 31 respectively. livermore 35, redwood city, 37. we did have a little bit of cloud cover move in today but definitely no rainfall. we did have a slight charge chance for showers offshore that stayed offshore to bring us rainfall, more hope in our 7-day forecast. numbers above average despite the hazy conditions looking at
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the dry cycle shifting for us, the system offshore, not enough to trigger any kind of shower activity offshore. we did think we may see a few bands of this. it was so far away, no chance for showers making in blow pressure developed this morning. clear with storm activity, in alaska, had cordova, alaska, ten-plus feet of snowfall. really unbelievable up there for us, high pressure that will crank down the dry northerly winds, we head throughout tomorrow. again increasing fire danger across the hill tops, north and east bay. as we head throughout thursday,
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we are still look at cold and clear mornings, remember to cover the plants and bring the pets in, very chilly the next couple of nights, coincides with this, poor air quality tomorrow, legal to burp for the northeast and south base, we are looking at unhealthy levels of ozone expected, temperatures that will be dropping in the low 30s 32 in napa, 35, san rafael, 31, livermore, tempting to crank on that fireplace, remember, all of that smoke is going to sit in the lower levels of the atmosphere just making that air quality even worse. as for wednesday, mid-60s, above average and even close to record-setting temperatures yet again here, this odd january weather continues. and for the north bay, we will find around low 60s, 50s the our coast. we do have increased fire danger
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for tomorrow. by next tuesday and wednesday, we may see a few showers develop but talk about that in the 6 p.m. show, guys. >> thanks, jeff. tonight, happy to be launching a new series, not about negative headlines, rather the people and stories that inspire and make us bay area proud. we begin with the homeless. specifically being born homeless, a story about saving children by rescuing their parents. we bring in gar slip thomas who will be leading our could have ram of these stories. good evening. >> good evening, ran. we want to highlight the things working in our community you can the people, the groups are, the companies making the bay area, the world, a better place to live. people like those running city teen heritage home. three strikes and you are out it is a concept every american of a certain able gets, of course, at
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just four months, jaden henry suspect that able. isn't remotely aware how close he came to being called out before his game even started. strike one, his mother-to-be, homeless since able 14 lived in one of two places a tent alongside san jose's capital expressway or a cell in the santa clara county jail. strike two, she was a drug addict. strike three would have been the abortion she was contemplating, that is until -- >> i saw the ultrasound and heard the heartbeat and my heart just dropped. >> heather henry decided to keep the child but understood to do so, she would have to begin rewriting the story of her life, not so easy after 11 years on the streets. >> i'm only 25. i have seen and done a lot of crazy things i wouldn't even have imagined i would ever have to go through. >> page one in her new story
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turned out to be a pamphlet for city teen heritage home. >> for pregnant women only one in there that said pregnant women. i have too call them, you know? >> heritage home is the only shelter in the south bay exclusively for pregnant, homeless women. hundreds of them like heather come through the doors, they get a place to live before and having the baby you food to eat, supplies for their new roles as mothers. in return though the women must kick drugs, keep a job or stay in school, in short, prepare to live a normal life. i'm definitely ready to face those challenges i'm over it i can't go to jail one more time, i can't be outside in the cold. i can't do it no more, i can't. >> heather has impressed the
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staff with her dedication so far. right now, she is headed to her job at an east side dollar store, one she landed only after being turned down at 30 other places. >> like i was pathetic trying to apply for their store that is how it made me feel. >> heather admits she has let a lot of people down in the past. burped a lot of blames, she has tried and failed other programs. so, why does this one seem to be sticking? it's them, she says not her. >> the biggest thing i get from this house is love. they showed me what is it is like to love. >> normal mommy duties. >> no guarantee that the success is permanent and heritage home has seen more than one mom fail to get back on her feet. still they keep trying to because the payoff is great.
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invest in one person. >> how much you can love your kid. >> end up turning two life lives around. >> way tonight say it one more time, 25 years old, on the streets 11 years, that means it started when she was 14. a long road still ahead of her, we bish her the best. a note to our viewer are, if you would like to share that story with others or a story what is working in your community go to my facebook page, garvin thomas nbc bay area or follow machine twitter @garvin thomas. >> very inspiring, really getting her life back on track? >> really remarkable young woman. >> thanks for sharing that. >> thank you, garvin. up next, searching your world, coming up, how google is getting a little closer to facebook. and a outdone by a french bulldog? a realien tamabest frid.
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2012 maybe the end of the world after all, according to
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the doomsday clock. today, scientists moved the clock one minute closer to midnight. the settinging on the clock is symbolic. the closer it is set to midnight the more likely a global disaster is estimated to occur. the setting has been moved from 11:54 to 11:55. scientists say they changed the time because of a increase in nuclear weapons activity across the world and climate change. the clock was created in 1947 to convey man made threats to community. did you have that can of soda today? it is bubbling back to the surface. the soda tax. today, researchers, including some from uc san francisco release third findings on the health effects of such a tax. it found a tax on high-calorie bev rams would discourage enough consumption to save 26,000 lives the next ten years, doctors say sugary drinks lead to heart attacks diabetes and other obesity-related illnesses. past soda tax proposals have not passed in other parts of countries but today's findings
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could revive that debate. two bay area tech heavyweights are battling it out tonight. twitter is slamming google for making internet searches a little more person a.m. the mountain view company is launching a new feature called search plus your world. twitter is lashing out, staying is subjective based on what google thinks is most relevant. google's new feature will allow to you see what your friends are saying about the topic you search for. the new search will be rolled out in the next few days automated don't need a google plus profile to see the results four-legged friend. we are back in a moment. [ mom ] hey guys.
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even when she is not making news, she is making news.
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she got dumped from a super bowl and and replaced by a french bulldog. the diva-to-dog move is an effort to establish sketchers as more than a lifestyle company. the new ad will be seen during the super bowl here on nbc bay area. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight. nightly news is next. then stay tuned for these stories on nbc bay area news at 6:0 6:00. >> i'm watchdog reporter jenna suss co-we investigate holes in the spare the air program. >> i'm tony co-val less ski, red light cameras, the cost and the controversy, our investigation digs deeper tonight. >> our new investigative unit getting ready for our 6:00 newscast. we hope to see you back then after brian williams and nightly news. we leave you now with some closing results and closing footage of mitt romney in manchester, new hampshire, a very happy man, he has won the primaries. >> and soldiers returning home
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from the from the front lines -- never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk.
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